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@YaleKolin @officialEIHL @SteelersWBC @BraeheadClan @MKLightning @FifeFlyers @Mcr_Storm You're welcome to come to the auld barn anytime 💛💙

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2nd Steelers Winter Camp 2016 28th, 29th & 30th December 2016

2nd Steelers Winter Camp 2016 Due to the success of our Winter Camp in 2015 Sheffield Steelers are pleased to announce that we are running our 2nd Winter Camp from the 28th to 30th December 2016, again at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. 

The camp caters for 20 players across many clubs and will be coached by Kev Hayes, Maurice Hammerton and Steve Ryan. 

The camp is split over 3 days, with each 6hr day was coached in two separate 3hour sessions with a 2hr break over lunch-time. The camp cost includes lunch for participants and is catered for by the EIS Canteen. With a total of 18 hours coaching, this is very intense training and is pitched at the appropriate skill levels to challenge all participants. 

Sessions are delivered with high quality coaching that focused purely on the basics of the game. This is a good learning experience for all of the players, as it contributes to improving their game and will be very enjoyable. Sessions were delivered using a mixture of drills and mini-games and included shooting, defending, chair skills, passing, pushing, conditioning and circuit training which really tested everyone’s fitness.

It will be a great experience for all of the players from all the clubs to receive varied coaching, and be able to compete with and against new people.

Due to the camp’s resounding success, the Sheffield Steelers hope  to secure funding for this camp to continue annually, and attract more players from an extended region in the future. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON OUR WINTER CAMPS PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH KEV HAYES ON This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.