The 5th Masters Tournament

Masters - A combined 400 years of wheelchair basketball experience

2014 marked the 5th year that the Sheffield Steelers hosted the Masters for wheelchair basketball. 24 players competed in 4 teams in a fun and friendly atmosphere, showing that they still got what it takes. It was great to see some new faces such as Anna Jackson, Fred Howley, Russel Simms or Sarah Baillie, who made the trip from Glasgow, as well as players, that are by now frequent participants of the Masters - the likes of Colin Price, Dan Johnson, Joey Jaratnay and 72 year old Bernie Fox!

The Masters is a great opportunity to play alongside some of the greatest wheelchair basketball players of the UK while sharing fun, memories and making new friends. All games were competitive and in the end it was the team around Richard Pullen, Bernie Fox, Jayant Mistry, Yvonne Waft, Colin Price and Anni Cameron that pulled through as the winners of this year.
While in the pool stages, 3 of the 4 teams had the same amount of wins and losses, the point difference decided the cross overs. By then the winning team seemed unstoppable - maybe some of us are only pretending to grow older.
The players decided again on an All Star Team and this year the votes went to Kevin Hayes, Joey Jaratnay, Dan Johnson, Fred Howley and Manja Wolfram.
To mark the 5th year of the Masters, for the first time players also voted for the “Hall of Fame for British Wheelchair Basketball” - and this hopefully will be the start of a new tradition to remember the true greats of the sport in our country. Sir Phillip Craven, Colin Price, Mark Cheaney, Simon Munn and Steve Caine were named as the first 5 “legends of the game”.
20 people stayed on for the evening do and went to Sheffield’s Comedy Club, which gave another good opportunity to catch up, this time away from the court. The night went on for long and pictures have to remain in closed files due to confidentiality rights and data protection ;)
We at Steelers hope that people enjoyed the Masters, this year as well as the previous 4. We tried to establish a forum for the british wheelchair basketball community that brings people together and back to the sport that we love and invested so much time and effort in. BWB have agreed to take the event to the next level by continuing the organisation for next year and hopefully many more to come. To all the players that attended over the last 5 years a big thank you for helping to shape this into a great event in the british wheelchair basketball calendar. Let’s have many more!