Women take the title of 2014

It was the fourth year for the Steelers ladies in the 1st Division women's league - a team made up of experienced and new players, that had always been able to show competitiveness, however not won the big trophy to date.

This year, with addidtion of canadian point guard Katie Harnock, the team won 3 out of 4 games and subsequently won the league. The team had still a point to prove, this time without their top scoring point guard Katie who was back in Canada for preparations of the worlds.

The first game on saturday was against the Vixens, a well established team with the addition of Amy Conroy, who alongside guard Claire Griffiths made the main impact for the Vixens. It was a point by point battle, right through to the fourth quarter. GB and Steelers player Maddie Thompson lead the scoring for Steelers and worked hard on the ball. Unfortunately it was not enough to secure the win as Vixens ran away with the score in the last 5 minutes, winning by 11 points.

The Steelers had to re-group and it was clear, adjustments that allowed to utilise the great depth of the team, were required in the final match against the London Titans. The tactical change played out well for the Steelers. Jordanna Bartlett stepped up to the role of the point guard and the team increased the ball movement, freeing Maddie Thompson to drive and interfer the key with speed and determination, ending up top scorer with 32 points and leading all scorers of the 2014 play offs. 

The game, that initially started with great defense of both teams and subsequently low scores was again a battle, basket by basket. With 4 points advantage Steelers went into the second half and displayed great control and strength that could not be answered by the Titans. Steelers won the game by 21 points, and due to point difference secured the title of the play offs. 

The season 2013/ 2014 has been one of many challenges for the Steelers and the women are proud to have made this great finish, representing the club.