Why Basketball isn’t big in the UK

Have you ever been puzzled about the fact that basketball, the second biggest sport on our planet, has such a small number of fans in the UK? Isn’t it shocking, especially having in mind the close connection between the USA and the UK? After all, they share an assertive global language, and there is an enormous influence of US television within this sphere of entertainment. Isn’t it too weird that basketball has not achieved greater success in the UK?

Basketball isn’t huge in the UK. Is that because of other sports?

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Reason 1

In general, most of the youngsters like playing basketball in schools, colleges, and universities. This makes it seem even more extraordinary for the fans and players who have been involved in this sport over the last half a century. However, we should consider there are some logical explanations beyond that conception. One of the possible reasons is that most Brits aren’t famous for having a tall population. Their average height is less than that of other Europeans where basketball has been much more accessible.

Reason 2

Another potential sense may be related to the variable weather that the UK is famous for. Planning to do sports outdoors might be quite challenging, as it can start raining at any point of the day. The frequency of rainfall indeed reduces the interest drastically, but it still can be played inside as the nature of basketball as an indoor sport. On the other hand, this leads to difficulty in accessing indoor facilities. As we know, leisure centers have limited hours to offer and more popular sports, such as badminton, are competing for them. Furthermore, in comparison to the US, where more spacious environs are present, British school facilities are of smaller size, and they aren’t built as per the standards of basketball.

Reason 3

The strong presence of netball is also affecting the lack of progress in basketball in the UK. Although there are still divisions which exist between female and male basketball in the US and not only, most countries have steadily gained the women’s sympathy. This doesn’t mean that netball and women’s basketball can’t exist together. But it seems quite probable that the presence of a preferable sport such as netball will make it more difficult for women’s basketball to engage big numbers of participants.

Reason 4

Last but not least, soccer, cricket, horse racing, rugby, and tennis will always remain in the British hearts due to so many traditions established on the base of these sports. To make it clear, we may compare the spectators of Champions League finals and the audience of the BBL Cup finals in 2019. The first event sheltered more than 63,000 spectators, while the second one – just 9,000. So does it make any sense thinking that basketball may become in the top three positions of the list with favorite sports in the UK? I guess, no.